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Get reputation from a given domain, host or IP.


What It Looks Like

Get Reputation

Curl Example

curl -u $USERNAME:$KEY 'https://api.riskiq.net/pt/v2/reputation?query=2020-windows.com'

Sample Response

    "score": 100,
    "classification": "MALICIOUS",
    "rules": [
            "name": "RiskIQ Intel Article",
            "description": "Current Events to Widespread Campaigns: Pivoting from Samples to Identify Activity",
            "severity": 5,
            "link": "https://community.riskiq.com/article/caa35d15"
            "name": "Registrant email provider",
            "description": "Domain is registered with an email provider that is more likely to register malicious domains",
            "severity": 3,
            "link": null
            "name": "Registrar",
            "description": "Domains registered with this registrar are more likely to be malicious",
            "severity": 3,
            "link": null